• Come visit Manuel Antonio National Park!

  • You can do canopy tours and glide through the trees!

  • Enjoy spectacular in- and offshore fishing!

  • Catch that fish of a lifetime!

  • Or have your catch prepared at the restaurant!

  • Go white water rafting to boost your adrenaline!

  • ...or relax while watching dolphins from a catamaran.


Apart from visiting Manuel Antonio National Park and enjoying the beautiful beaches, the Quepos – Manuel Antonio Area offers a wide array of activities and tours that can be undertaken during your stay.

Since we keep close contact with most tour operators in the area, we can help arrange your tours for you and get you the best deals. Feel free to ask for the possibilities with your booking or ask at the reception while you are at the hotel. Do keep in mind though that certain tours require booking in advance, especially in the high season.

Active Tours

These tours and activities are for the adventurous people who are trying to get the most of their stay in an active manner.

Manuel Antonio National Park

Manuel Antonio National Park is the most popular attraction in the area. It has well maintained trails, lots of wildlife and beautiful beaches and is also fairly accessible for people with limited physical condition. Entrance fee is $10.- and a guide can be hired at the entrance. The park is open from 7am til 4pm and closed on mondays.

Canopy Tour

Experience the jungle from a different perspective and get your adrenaline pumping while gliding through the canopy! Unforgettable fun ride!!

White Water Rafting

The rapids will have you filled with adrenaline as you paddle hard through the waves! Not for the faint hearted!

ATV Tour

Go for a fast, exciting ride through the forests and get to cool off in a waterfall along the way! Lots of fun!

Paddle Board Tour

SUPing or Stand Up Paddling along the Manuel Antonio shoreline is a great way to work out, get a tan and enjoy the view!


If you’re in Manuel Antonio and want do the local thing… You should definitely try the experience of riding a wave! Take lessons or rent a board!

Jet Skiing

A lot of horsepower, thrill and speed on the water! Rent a jet ski if this combination gets your blood pumping!

Mangrove Kayak Tour

Wildlife spotting from a different angle! Quietly glide through the mangroves and get up close to animals that would normally be scared off by your footsteps!


Enjoy a bird’s eye view on the Manuel Antonio coast line while hanging on a chute behind a speed boat! Not for those with a fear of heights!


Relaxing Tours

Catamaran Tour

Hop aboard and sail along the Quepos – Manuel Antonio coast line while looking for whales and dolphins and enjoying lunch and cocktails prepared by the crew!

Rainforest Spice Tour

Stimulate your senses and take a peek in rain forest’s kitchen! Learn about spices’ origins, history and traditional uses! The tastiest tour in the area!

Mangrove Tour

See loads of wildlife from a boat with a tour guide that takes you into the mangroves near Quepos – Manuel Antonio!

Horse Back Riding

Galop along the beach and through the forests while feeling the wind in your hair! Beautiful tour with lunch on location!


Have a professional masseuse come to the hotel to give you a relaxing massage after and exciting day out and about!

Spa Treatment

Go for a day of ultimate wellness and relaxation at one of the spas in the area! Various packages possible!



The Quepos – Manuel Antonio region offers some of the best in- and offshore fishing in the world! In 2013 the Offshore World Championship was held here! There are various possibilities for half and full days of fishing on some of the best boats in the area! Nice extra: You can have your catch of the day prepared in the hotel restaurant!

Inshore Fishing

Inshore you will be fishing the coastline and river mouth from a boat. Targeted species are snook, roosterfish, snapper, Spanish Mackerel, Jack Treval and Corvina.

Offshore Fishing

An offshore trip will take you about 25 miles out onto the ocean to fish for Sailfish, Marlin, Mahi Mahi a.k.a. Dorado or Dolphin Fish, Tuna and Wahoo, depending on the season. Large pods of dolphins and sometimes whales can be seen on these trips as well.